Port Fairy Pelagic April 2011

April 16, 2011 — April 17, 2011

It isn't often that you get to see the ocean off Southern Victoria as calm as this. Truth be told, neither is that the best weather for seabirding ... the birds idly sit on the water and even the temptation of rotting fish guts does little to draw interest from more than a few albatrosses.

It was a bit windier on Saturday, so more albatrosses were seen. Somehow these birds, almost the size of swans and with bills like garden shears, make light work of flight even in an almost empty breeze.

The highlight of the weekend was a single Great Shearwater seen on Sunday. CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO.

 Day 1 Port Fairy Pelagic

Our first Albatross was spotted after making our way out of the mouth of the Moyne River.  Highlights included 5 types of Albatross, 3 Storm-Petrels, 2 Petrels, Brown Skua, Northern Giant Petrel, 2 Tern species and many hundreds of Fairy Prions including a couple of Slender Billed Prions. 

With great views of a total of 23 species of seabird, Australian Fur Seals swimming close to the boat and a small pod of Common Dolphins surfing through our wake it made for a memorable trip and a great start to Pelagics off Port Fairy once again.

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 Day 2 Port Fairy Pelagic

Seventeen of us joined Birdswing Birding and Wildlife Tours this Sunday. It was a last-minute attempt to see Great Shearwater, the bird that for the first time in history, has been found in huge numbers off Australia (it should be in the Atlantic right now!). We saw just one bird ... but that was enough. 

We are also at the tail-end of the Blue Whale season in Victoria. This year has been pretty interesting, with lots of land-based sightings. We saw one animal at reasonably close range and a couple of others blowing on the horizon. All the time, literally hundreds of Fairy Prions whizzed past or rafted on the sea. It was spectacular and made a fitting end to a day that included bow-riding Common Dolphins, several types of albatross and some fine company. 

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